Venkatalakshmi, Same Old Story?

Lakshmi Rai
Lakshmi Rai

A beautiful lady comes to a village and some crazy-lazy crooks run after her. And then they realize that she is not just an ordinary lady but someone with unimaginable superpowers. As she starts showing stars, there is an unusual flashback and a climax. Did that ring any bell?

On this particular line, we have many films coming in Telugu film industry and it looks like even spicy beauty Lakshmi Rai also joined the gang now. The trailer of “Where Is The Venkatalakshmi” is out now, and it sounded the same old wine in a new bottle.

That vulgar comedy by Praveen and Madhu, Lakshmi Rai’s glamour, and short film actress Pujitha Ponnada’s lip kisses have filled the trailer with some sparkles, but it hasn’t made any impact. Though the movie’s title itself created some buzz earlier, we wonder why they opted for same old stuff inside.

As Lakshmi Rai is expecting a big turn to her career with this film, definitely brand new content would have helped achieve that target. But going by this trailer, it looks her expectations end up as mirages.