Trailer Talk: Fails To Excite, Maha Boring Cut!


Something exceptional is expected from Team NTR after the first part Kathanayakudu ended up as a commercial disaster. The anticipation around the trailer of Mahanayakudu was high given the low buzz surrounding it. However, the editors failed to cut an exciting trailer that instantly boosts the hype for the film.

Latest trailer of Mahanayakudu has some impressive shots and rousing music besides a couple of captivating punchlines, but it could create little impact on a whole. It is clear that Nadendla has been shown the villain in this political drama. Much talked about last phase of NTR seems to have been omitted out of the biopic.

The gigantic failure of the fisrt part has been looming large over the second part and the trailer failed to rise above it. The X factor that is needed for viewers to get curious about the second part has been missing in the trailer cut. We have to see whether the film has enough drama and exciting political situations to get the thumbs up from its viewers.