SpYder Movie Reviews & Rating


Movie Review: Spyder
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast: Mahesh Babu, Rakul, SJ Suryah, Bharath, Priyadarsi, Shayaji Shinde, RJ Balaji, Deepa Ramanujam and Others.
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: Santosh Sivan
Producers: NV Prasad & Tagore Madhu
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Murugadoss
Release Date: 27th September 2017

One of the biggest Stars of South Cinema & a Top Director in the country collaborated to make spy thriller, ‘Spyder’. The long wait of movie lovers for the deadly combination of Mahesh Babu and AR Murugadoss has finally come to an end. This high-budget movie released Today in around 2,700 screens across the World. Did ‘Spyder’ live up to the expectations?

Siva (Mahesh Babu) prefers being a Data Surveillance Expert in Intelligence Bureau though he is capable of bagging much better job with his qualification as helping the needy people gives him utmost satisfaction. A phone call he tracks changes the life of Siva completely. He finally gets to know about the Psycho Killer (SJ Suryah) behind mysterious deaths. That’s when the Psycho Killer targets Siva. Watch ‘Spyder’ to know whether Mahesh stopped the destruction planned by the Psycho!

Once again, Mahesh Babu has put in sincere effort and the hardwork is visible on the screen. People will just fall in love with his handsome looks and screen presence. He deserve credit for signing a subject which offers huge scope for an Antagonist. Sadly, The role of Mahesh & other elements weren’t up to the expectations of Fans.

Rakul Preet Singh fails to impress. Neither her looks nor her role were impressive. The romantic scenes of the Lead Pair hardly create a positive impact.

As Villain, SJ Suryah is simply outstanding. He left a lasting impact on the minds of viewers with his performance as a Psycho. Particularly, The way he presented the traits of a Psycho deserves a special mention.

Nothing much to say about rest of the characters in the movie. Bharath, Priyadarsi, RJ Balaji and Deepa Ramanujam are just okay.

SJ Suryah’s Performance


Rakul Preet Singh


Second Half

Songs composed by Harris Jayaraj are disappointing. Even the placement of Songs isn’t good enough & they are more like speed-breakers. However, Harris Jayaraj scores brownie points with terrific background score. He maintained the intensity required throughout the movie. Particularly, Theme Music & BGM for episodes of Villian were clap-worthy. Camera Work by Santosh Sivan is an asset to ‘Spyder’. His speciality could been noticed in Roller-Coaster Sequence. Action Blocks designed by Peter Heins are pretty good. Production Values were grand. The Visual Effects in ‘Spyder’ aren’t as promising as they should have been. AR Murugadoss failed to deliver the kind of output expected from him. Though the First Half is good, He failed to continue the gripping narration after a point & few illogical scenes test the patience. The kind of entertainment we expect from Murugadoss films is missing in ‘Spyder’.

First things first, The character of Antagonist has been etched much better than that of Protagonist. Psycho Killer role essayed by SJ Suryah is the biggest asset of ‘Spyder’. Introduction scene of Villain offer a completely different experience for the viewers. However, The mind game between Hero & Villain doesn’t excite much. Lag in these sequences led to the downfall of the film graph. Murugadoss showed good intensity in the sequence where story takes a new turn. The range of ‘Spyder’ could have been different had if he maintained the same intensity till the very end.

AR Murugadoss have the knack of blending a social issue with commercial elements. He choose the same formula for ‘Spyder’ as well. The way Suryah’s character was designed is different from Psycho role which film buffs have seen so far. He leaves a mark of his own in these sequences. Hats off to the way the build-up was given before the villain’s introduction. Even SJ Suryah stuns the viewers with his exceptional performance in the introduction block.

Screenplay in the First Half of ‘Spyder’ arrests the attention of Audience. On the flip side, The tug of war between Hero & Villain wasn’t showcased effectively. TV Serial Episode involving Housewives ruins the intensity maintained till then. To make matters worse, Romantic Track of Mahesh & Rakul is least impressive.

The sequence where Hero & Villain come face-to-face with each other for first time is so intense. Pre-Interval Sequence of ‘Spyder’ stands out. Unnecessary hungama created in the Second Half just because it’s a  Mahesh Babu-starrer works against the movie. Overall, ‘Spyder’ failed to live-up to the expectations & ends up as a decent Spy Thriller.

Bottom Line: Could Have Been Better!