Priyanka Chopra opens on Sex allegations


These days most of the actresses are not hiding regarding their casting couch experiences. They just come out of the shell and openly comment about their bad experiences. Recently in Hollywood a famous producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of calling famous actresses to have sex.

More than 30 actresses opened up and lashed out. Even though the incidents happened a long time back, just now everyone came out and spoke blatantly. In this case, Priyanka Chopra who spoke in a leading Talk show said,

“It’s not about Hollywood and Harvey. This problem exists everywhere and in every Film industry. Tormenting a girl and forcing her for sex is not about the pleasure it is also about showing domination. It is to bring a female under their control. There is a misconception that those who adjust only can survive in this industry.

I am sure this needs to be changed. Even I have faced such situations in the early stages of my career. But gladly I never succumbed to anyone. It’s time women step up and come out of this web.”