Jr NTR Is Not Aware Of Mavayya’s Moves?


In the wake of Jr NTR’s father in law, his wife Lakshmi Pranathi’s father Narne Srinivasa Rao meeting YS Jagan a couple of days ago, the political and film circuits are stunned with rumors regarding the Young Tiger’s political intentions. Here is an unknown revelation, however.

Reports are coming that Tarak will be the least interested guy in the affairs of Narne Srinivasa Rao, as the star hero is not on talking terms with his father in law. Though Narne always does favors to his son-in-law like acquiring fancy number plates vehicles and other land deals, it looks like all is not well between them.

We are hearing that the Young Tiger is not on talking terms with Narne from almost 2 years after an unwanted land dispute caused friction between them, though Tarak’s mother Shalini and his wife are always in touch with Narne.

In this context, what would NTR know about Narne’s plan to meet YSR Congress folks? Buzz has that, Tarak’s Mavayya will contest on Jagan’s party ticket for the assembly in the upcoming general election.