Garuda Vega : Is It Possible Raja?

Garuda Vega

Garuda Vega : Senior actor Rajasekhar has pinned all the hopes on his upcoming action thriller ‘PSV Garuda Vega’ and he looks very confident that he’s already calling it a ‘Hit Film’. But, the trade pundits are wondering how it will be a success, given that the film’s budget is close to 25 Crore!

If at all Garuda Vega was made on budget of 5-6 crores, it would be comfortable for for Rajasekhar to achieve the break even. Given the market for Rajasekhar and his films, it would be a heavy daunting task for PSV unless a super strong subject & execution. Even if the film, which is popular among netizens, manage to attract overseas and A center audiences, 25 Crore share looks highly impossible.

Also, there is no proper backing from any big distributor for this Praveen Kumar’s directorial. Although PSV looks promising with stunning trailers, it remains to be seen whether it will be a successful one at box-office or not.

What’s an iota of advantage? – Sunny Leone’s item song.