Don’t Worry About My Clothes, Go To Kashmir -Anasuya


Anchor Anasuya has once again kicked the hornet’s nest as she spoke on social media about Pulwama Terror Attack, where she urged India to initiate the peace process to tackle terrorism. But the comments that are made on these posts are something unexpected for her, and she turned emotional regarding the same.

As few netizens have commented that Anasuya should go back to her routine of wearing short clothes and hosting Jabardasth as she has done enough hungama on the terror incident, the talented lady turned emotional. “Why are you targeting me this way? Didn’t you eat Biryani or Bhojanam after the terror attack? As you did, I will do my work” said Anasuya.

She also added: “Why do you worry about my clothes? If you have real love for the country go to Kashmir and fight terrorists, rather crying on me”. She has revealed this through a video, where she looked quite emotional and teary-eyed.

Seems like social media is still hurting Anasuya huge, like the way some of her comments on twitter hurt others.