Archana Enjoying Her Newly Gained Popularity


Archana is one talented actress who has an experience of more than a decade in the film industry. The actress has done different roles in the film industry from being a friend to the lead and playing the lead along with playing the negative lead roles. She even accepted some special songs as well. But she did not grab recognition or fame by any of this and has now come up with an immense following by just being a contestant of Bigg Boss TV show first season.

The actress has impressed many with her looks and performance in the TV show and because of which she stayed till the final day and ended up being one of the five contestants during the final round. The talk in the industry is that her newly gained popularity is helping her to attend the showroom and mall openings. It is said that she was approached by many for the same in the last few days.

She is also hoping that she would get more offers in films.