35 Trainers For A Heroine!


Whenever hero, heroines try to achieve a special look for their latest films, they will engage a personal trainer to achieve the goal. They will achieve the desired result only if they travel with the trainer for a few months following a tough fitness regime. But hot beauty Raai Laxmi is saying that she has worked with 35 trainers for a film.

Raai Laxmi is debuting Bollywood with ‘Julie 2’. She is slightly chubby so she had to shed few extra kilos to play the lead role in the film. She has transformed herself as a perfect Bollywood heroine. She is saying that she will appear in three different looks in ‘Julie 2’, chubby ..medium.. slim. She said that her dress size was extra large but her dress size changed to medium.. and then small finally.

She said that she was trained under 35 trainers from various parts of India in the process. Getting trained under one or two trainers is fine but she is giving a huge number. It seems she is exaggerating the number.